Speed Reading in 60 Seconds: 100 One-Minute Speed Reading Sprints by David Butler

Speed Reading in 60 Seconds: 100 One-Minute Speed Reading Sprints

Book Title: Speed Reading in 60 Seconds: 100 One-Minute Speed Reading Sprints

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1537395661

Author: David Butler

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David Butler with Speed Reading in 60 Seconds: 100 One-Minute Speed Reading Sprints

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The Greatest Speed Reading Technique in the World

Read 2-3 X Faster with Daily 1-Minute Phrase-Block Sprints

Easily practice speed reading whenever you have a spare minute.
  • Difficult to stay focused? (Give your mind something better to focus on)
  • Hard to remember what you read? (Make reading more memorable)
  • Struggling to keep your mind from wandering? (Make reading more interesting)
  • Getting bored while reading? (Offer your brain something more meaningful)
  • Muttering the words in your head? (Use an alternative to the sounds of words)
  • Straining to maintain your concentration? (Give your brain what it craves)
  • Hard to find time to practice? (Takes less time than brushing your teeth!)

"Original theories and techniques for reading improvement… a totally exclusive method of presenting practice exercises"
Author of Speed Reading for Dummies

Do you feel stuck with slow reading? Are you just going through the motions with nothing to show for your efforts at the end of a page? Do you get bored or frustrated with your reading?

In Speed Reading in 60 Seconds, best-selling author David Butler gives you straight-forward simple exercises that can double or triple your reading speed with daily one-minute phrase-highlighted sprints.

Here's how it works.

  • Speed reading is 600 wpm.
  • Each of these 100 excerpts is 600 words long.
  • The excerpts are phrase-highlighted for faster reading.
  • Read them in 60 seconds… and you're speed reading!
  • Continue practicing to develop this into a habit.

As you practice, you'll discover what speed reading feels like as your mind adapts by paying more attention to phrases and ideas than to words and sounds.

"It's amazing that so much could have been written since Evelyn Wood and no one came up with the idea of 'speed comprehension.'"
--Dr. James Young, Ph.D.,

Professor of English

What Makes This Book Different?

Instead of a list of bad habits to just stop doing, or a series of strange eye exercises that only leave you exhausted and cross-eyed, Speed Reading in 60 Seconds gives you a very original form of quick and easy exercises making speeding through phrases and whole ideas almost automatic.

This phrase-highlighted format lets you fly across the text, treating phrases like they were single words. Taking in whole ideas this way, speeds up your reading by speeding up your comprehension. You read faster because you understand faster.

Nowhere else will you find text specially designed to assist your speed training. Just turned to one of the 100 600-word excerpts, start your timer, and fly through the text. Do this in 60 seconds and you'll know exactly what speed reading is. Practice each day and your brain will adapt its relationship to text and begin reading it as ideas instead of sounds.

Read 600 words in 60 seconds = Speed Reading

  • It's common sense.
  • It's effective.
  • It's easy.
  • It only takes a minute.
Get started today. Your future is watching.

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